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John Douglas, alias "The Lynx", Has just been released after ten long years of imprisonment.He is bent on seeking his revenge on the man responsible for his bad luck, the Public Prosecuter David Bleinstein, who now leads a quiet life with his daughter Sarah and his new wife Rachel.Her search for clues as to who and what she is, leads to a sexual awakening, and some scorching sexual encounters in the most unusual venues!Stunning brunette Ivy Crystal leads a cast of over twenty girls.

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Searching for answers to his past, John tours the magnificent estate.Yet again Private gives you the oppurtunity to discover a cast of the most beautiful actresses in the most depraved situations?Very angry over the photos of his mistress being possessed by "The Lynx" and his mates, David and Judge Beauligu go to Douglas' sister's house to find out how he has so much money."Private Dancer" explores the think line between fear and desire, dreams and reality, in a woman's mind.After being mugged on her way home late one night, she wakes up with complete amnesia.

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